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April 3-4, 2014 - Bologna, Italy

The workshop started with a welcome speech by the President of Associazione Il progetto Alice Dr. Cristina Gamberi. The presentation included a short Power Point Presentation of Il progetto Alice as well as practical information about the meeting.

As scheduled on the agenda, each participant was given one minute to introduce themselves. Then the lectures about the subject of the workshop started.

Christine Healey
Christine Healey

The first lecture was presented by Christine Healy from the UK and it concerned an example of good practice from the Learning 2gether project (, a project focused on young people training those who are 50+ in the use of social media. Christine Healy also presented three short video interview with young people conducted during the project.


During Mrs. Elmore's speech
During Mrs. Elmore's speech

The second lecture was presented by Margaret Elmore (UK) on the notion and practice of “mindfulness”, a set of body and mind techniques for managing change. The presentation raised a series of interesting questions and some time was devoted by the speaker to discuss these with the audience.

The third lecture was led by Jennifer Meyer (the Netherlands) and entitled “Social Media Buddies; connecting generations”, and it discussed a program led by volunteers to support people 50+ to develop their ICT knowledge.


After the lectures, the participants were divided into four groups supported by the use of “Workshop Guidelines” that asked the participants to imagine organizing a course for women 50+ on the following topics (one for each group):

  • How to teach women 50 + the use of the Internet
  • How to teach women 50+ the use of MS Powerpoint
  • How to teach women 50+ the use of Social Media
  • How to teach women 50+ the use of MS Office

The results of those focus groups were reported by the four coordinators/facilitators at the end of the meeting.