Mentoring and Training Competencies for Young Women

September 26-27, 2013 - Athens, Greece

The workshop started with a welcome speech by the General Secretary of EDEM and member of the Board of WiTEC Association Mrs Nadia Chrysikopoulou. The presentation included a short presentation of EDEM as well as practical information about the meeting.

As scheduled on the agenda, each participant was given one minute to introduce themselves. Then the lectures about the subject of the workshop started.

The first lecture was presented by Militos Emerging Technologies and Services and it was concerned the good practices in mentoring as well as skills that can be obtained by professional mentoring. Militos also presented the ThisisIT project, which is a Lifelong Learning Project that creates a volunteer network. This network helps risk groups to improve their ICT skills in order to gain a better life and employment.

The second lecture was presented by Mrs Effrosyni Boutsika, concerning the orientation of a good mentor, the special topics that should be taught in ICT and the special treatment that is needed for men and women.



Between those two lectures, Italy and Sweden presented the work that they had done on the project, concentrating especially on the best methods, aims and results of good mentoring with women 50+.


The final lecture of the workshop was by Mrs Areti Douka representing the Hellenic Association for Adult Education, with the subject “Activities and Best Practices – Seniors in the knowledge society”.


After this lecture, learners and teachers left the meeting and the partners talked about miscellaneous information concerning the project enrollment.