What can ICT do for me?

April 24-25, 2013 - Bastad, Sweden

This workshop shared experience and knowledge between partners and learners about tools available online which 50+ women want to use and how to train 5o+ women in their use.

Helen Blejerman
Helen Blejerman

The day started by every partner and learner introducing themselves. Thereafter two of the learners from Spain and the UK gave a special introduction about their contribution to the content of the project.

Mrs Helen Blejerman (UK) talked about the use of new technologies from an emotional perspective related to the need of people to communicate compared to the use of language as a process of communication.


Jose Antonio Galaso
Jose Antonio Galaso

Mr. Jose Antonio Galaso, representative of CITILAB Spain, introduced his organization and described a project that could be related to the TYNET 50+’ contents called SeniorLab. Both talks were very interesting for all the participants.


All workshops were carried out as expected in the agenda. The participants were split into 3 groups, each with a concrete topic to debate and consider (see below the summaries of the three groups). After lunch, all summaries of the workshops were shared and the conclusions debated.


Ilse Svensson de Jong (Sweden) talked about development in online social behaviour, from competition to collaboration and from stationary to mobile. She also zoomed in on the knowledge in sharing and caring in the mobile arena, talking about the mobile landscape and mobile tools.


After the lecture, the representatives of the Institution of Estonia explained their educational projects in Tallinn.


Finally the logo chosen for the project TYNET50+ was presented formally and agreed by the partners. The logo was developed by Joana Holmström Céspedes from Lund University Sweden.


The day ended with dinner and entertainment at the school served, prepared and performed by the students at Apelryd.