Introduction to Intergenerational Learning: ICT and Mentoring

October 18, 2012 - Barcelona, Spain

The very first meeting of the project was held in Barcelona, hometown of the coordinator partner of TYNET50+.


Each partner organisation gave a brief presentation about themselves and their work, focusing on their experiences in European projects and in the areas relevant to TYNET50+.

During Inova's workshop
During Inova's workshop

Inova Consultancy, as an expert in the area, gave a workshop on the qualities of mentors and mentees


It was supported by an interactive group exercise led by the Inova team and involving both learners and partners from all involved countries to gain an international perspective on the subject.

Bethany Calsy
Bethany Calsy

The workshop was followed by a presentation by Bethany Calsy, an expert on international and intercultural performance development.


The presentation focused on gender, cultural and generational diversity as well as how social media could be categorised in ways to suit an individual’s personality and preferences. 

The presentation was followed by a debate about the issues which arose from it, which included:

  • The role of ‘emotional motivation’ in learning
  • The barriers and concerns which hinder older women using Web 2.0