Name Sandra Potesta
Age  70
Country UK
Profession CEO at RLNYH LTD

"The discussion was very open, wide reaching and user friendly and allowed all participants to reflect on the issues raised. The dinner organised for the evening was excellent as it showed an aspect of Barcelona which we would not have discovered without the input of the organisers.

It was extremely interesting meeting participants from so many different backgrounds, both geographical and operational. It was also useful to see that the challenges faced by older women in the use of the Internet are very similar throughout Europe, with some cultural differences, based on the local interpretations of the concepts of family, gender and age related relationships."

Name Ruth Pitman Jones
Age 60
Country UK
Profession Director of Music a la Carte


"Even though I use computers and other digital sources a lot of the time, I nonetheless have an immediate insecurity about them and expect not to be able to be competent with these things.  Even this form has caused me problems!


Thanks to the meeting I feel much more informed about women and opportunities in science and technology.  I learnt a lot about the confidence that the younger women had in so many aspects of their lives, not just technology. I see what an advantage they have in their aims and aspirations in having such confidence to go forwards.  That was very inspirational and motivating."


Name Christine Healey
Age -
Country UK
Profession Trainer

"As part of the training team at Voluntary Action Sheffield, I am responsible for commissioning trainers, the quality of training delivery, designing tailored training and online delivery, and accredited learning (qualification).

The key change in training delivery since I joined VAS has been the introduction of online learning, using Moodle (a free-to-download virtual learning environment). I introduced Moodle in 2008 and I have observed a change over the last 5 years, from learners and tutors all being reluctant to use online resources, to an acceptance of online working as ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ by the majority of learners."

Name Margaret Elmore
Age -
Country UK
Profession Actress, hipnotherapist and teacher

"I am an actress and writer and also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and teacher of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy for the London College of Clinical Hypnosis and the University of West London. I have trained to teach mindfulness to adults and young people, I am currently studying for a Masters degree in Mindfulness at Bangor University. I am particularly interested in the role of poetry and storytelling in health and well-being.

I wanted to bring back from the meeting some tips on the use of new technology and on how to promote my business. I also wanted to introduce the experience of Mindfulness and let participants see how they can manage their stress."

Name Helen Blejerman Sarfati
Age 43
Country UK
Profession -

"I learned many things during the meeting for example that technology in communications can solve some of the important issues the world faces. I am also aware on how little I know about the world I live in.

Moreover the place was beautiful, everybody worked together with enthusiasm, the people were all friendly and the final dinner and show by the students was exceptional."