Name Elisabet Darpö
Age  60
Country Sweden
Profession Selfemployed. Assistant in a real estate agency


"One of my sons is living in Bangkok.  I communicate with him through Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp.


My teacher Linn gave me a lot of tips that I could benefit from concerning, for instance, Facebook and security on the internet.


The easiest way for me to learn is to have someone sitting next to me to teach me and then write the information down in a manual.


One thing that I have learned from this project is that women in the different countries are on very different levels in their learning process."


Name Ilse Svensson de Jong
Age  34
Country Sweden
Profession Phd student

"I learnt about how digital learning works across different ages with women of different backgrounds, and that digital tools can be used to empower women and make online collaboration and creation possible, both personally as well as professionally."


Name Emelie Svensson
Age 29
Country Sweden
Profession Communication strategist

"I’ve been participating in TYNET 50+ since the first meeting in Barcelona. My role has mainly been mentoring one of the 50+ mentees during our workshops in Sweden. I’ve found it interesting to learn more about the challenges that women 50+ can encounter whilst using the internet and new media. My impression is that a big part of the challenge for many (in Sweden) is the feeling of insecurity rather than a lack of technical skills."

Name Eva Hansson
Age  53
Country Sweden
Profession Lecturer in Swedish and Educational Sciences at Halmstad University

"Since I am interested in learning among people of all ages and especially digital learning, it was a good opportunity for me to join the project. I have been able to see learning in action in real life between learners and mentors. One special thing that makes me happy is that the learning not only occurs in one direction, from mentor to learner, but also from learner to mentor.  Another thing that has been clear to me is the large differences in conditions for digital learning in different countries."

Name Barbro Nidelius
Age  58
Country Sweden
Profession Self-employed tourism and horses


"In the international workshop in Båstad 2013 I understood how differently IT and culture works in Europe.


In Sweden we can easily learn from younger people. In some cultures it is not accepted because of respect to the older generations.


A manual must be very easy from the beginning and in steps. Personal contact is important at the beginning. It must also be fun!


Many people feel stressed when they feel a pressure that they must learn this. Instead they must feel that it is easy to learn and let it take time. For me the iPad is easy to use, and when I do some other work I use the computer.


It is good that you can use Skype when you want to learn from your learner. It works really well. Also it is good to start with things that you really need and that you are interested in. Begin with an interview and a discussion.


I have learnt to search for things that I want to know, and that the computer can answer a lot of the questions I have about it. For me, social contact is the most important. When people are far away from you it is excellent to use a computer or other technical device. It is also useful for daily work.


But don’t forget the people around you. Let people be different and accept that some want to learn a lot, and some are satisfied with just the basics."


Name Ewa M Renström
Age -
Country Sweden
Profession Teacher

"This had been a very good experience, not only for the technical support concerning apps, hashtags and several other things, but also socially for young and older people to socialise within a theme. Also it was good to meet women from other EU countries – it is so important to deepen our understanding and love for each other."

Name Suvi Panas
Age  24
Country Sweden
Profession Assistant Digital Manager

"Having a dialogue with someone who struggles with what I take for granted is the most rewarding thing for me. Just because I have my digital routines, it does not mean I always understand why it is set up the way it is. I think many more young women would grow from explaining the (believed) obvious to someone else."

Name Linn Arledal
Age 24
Country Sweden
Profession Communication specialist

"It’s been a great experience working as a mentor for the women over 50. It’s amazing to realize that I can teach them something new, but also that we can learn from each other. My advice for future projects in digital literacy is not to underestimate the value of patience and that the adaption to a new digital reality takes time and persistence from everyone involved."

Name Tomas Olofsson
Age  69
Country Sweden
Profession Managing Director

"Communication has rapidly grown into new stages with new thinking, new methods and new ways to get in contact, be available and to be connected. Compared to yesterday we have to spend lots of time and lots of thinking and learning to be updated and get used to what all the new technology has made possible. This project has given me new knowledge about what I can use, how I can use it and which tools I need to be able to see and to hear family members, friends and colleagues when and where I am at any time. Fantastic."

Name Ingrid Thuresson
Age 65
Country Sweden
Profession Business Matchmaker / Project leader TYNET50+

"It has been a great pleasure to see the communication between the women 50+ and the young people. I organized 5 workshops for the women and the young people on Skype. It was interesting to see the process of learning between the learners and mentors and I could see that they both had new experiences in digital learning and even in the group. I myself have learnt new ways to use my computer, Facebook and Twitter. It has been very interesting to meet and learn with others in the workshops in different countries."

Name Elizabeth Lindström
Age 57
Country Sweden
Profession Teacher


"I am a mother 50+ with a daughter who lives in Chile, so we communicate through  E- mail, Skype and Whatsapp.  In my work I use Windows and Excel, and in my spare time I use my iPad a lot, because it is easier and quicker than to start up  the computer.


TYNET 50+ has taught me not to be afraid to try new things when I am working with my computer or my iPad.


It was also interesting to see that the questions and the “problems” we women 50+ had with our computers etc. were similar even if we came from different countries and cultures and we had different levels in IT knowledge at the start. It was about feeling insecure when you are not sure what the result of your actions will be.  ‘What will happen if I press this button’ for example.


Our young mentors had a lot of patience and it felt as we worked together.  When we solved problems with the computer, very often they had not thought about the “questions/problems” we had before, so they did learn something as well.


It was a very nice way to learn new things – different ages and different cultures!


Thank you for letting us participate in this project."