Name Bethany A. Calsy
Age  46
Country USA/Spain
Profession Consultant

"Upon receiving the invitation as a guest speaker to cover the topic on how to maintain connection and closeness with family across generations at a distance, I thought ‘what an excellent topic as from experience I’m familiar with the challenges!’ Some of the participants mentioned afterwards that it they began thinking about the different values each generation has and that as a key to successful intergenerational relationships; it's useful to cut through stereotypes and misconceptions about the other generation. They see themselves as unique individuals -- not tied to any specific labels.”

Name Javier González Abad
Age  46
Country Spain
Profession Director of Citilab


"It was very interesting for me, as I am the manager of a centre that it is focused mainly on ICT learning, to see the gender perspective of the process of learning and also monitoring 50+ women and men for this training.

It was a pleasure to exchange experiences and to get to know different views of people from other countries."

Name Lucie Kovarikova
Age  26
Country Czech Republic / Spain
Profession Translator / Interpreter

"I think that the programme helps young people understand how women 50+ live in the world with fast developing technologies and that they might be overwhelmed and that it should be our job to help them to use technology to their full potential. TYNET50+ helps to get together these different generations of women and shows them how to communicate in a better and more efficient manner and reduce the physical distances between people. I think it is a great opportunity for everyone involved to better understand the challenges others face and how to overcome them together."

Name Christel Keller Garganté
Age 29
Country Spain
Profession Research assistant

"We shared many experiences in the TYNET50+ project about training and monitoring for adult women and 50+ women groups in the usage of ICT. We learned about different methodologies from different European countries, analyzing their advantages and disadvantages. We had discussions about them, about their limits and characteristics to plan a project or training with 50+ women."