Name Thiresia Simantiraki
Age  51
Country Greece
Profession Civil engineer


"I work in the Ministry of Energy and Climate Change. In my work I deal with the environmental permitting of projects mainly republic and activities. IT is an essential tool for my work, and networking with young people is very useful for me!! I believe that creating a network of younger and older people on technology development benefits both sides.      


The TYNET 50+ program was a great experience for me, not only because it helped me to broaden my technological horizons but also because it gave me the opportunity to meet and communicate with people from other cultures and countries."


Name Maria Kalpyri
Age 23
Country Greece
Profession Civil engineer student


"I am finishing my studies in Civil Engineering at the University of Patras. IT is necessary for my studies now and for future work, so I have a deep knowledge of this. Also I believe that by creating a network of younger with older people about technology development, older people will be facilitated by younger people in new technologies, whilst younger people learn much more from the experience of their elders in civil engineering.   


It was an unprecedented experience for me to participate in a program like TYNET 50+.  The theme was very interesting and in the workshop we thought and collaborated together in order to find ways of networking and cooperating with young technological women and women 50+ with increasingly industrial and scientific requirements. The TYNET 50+ program gave me the opportunity to meet and confer with women from different countries and ages and this was particularly interesting."


Name Danai Apanomeritaki
Age  -
Country Greece
Profession -

"Helping older women “go digital” was an idea that I appreciated from the very beginning. I always have in mind that older people should never be excluded from “reality” and technology is an important part of everyday life.


All lectures and summaries of the program in Italy were helpful and managed to coordinate me towards a different way of training. From the workshop I liked the exchange of experiences and the practice example from the UK. I also enjoyed the whole discussion and the group work of the workshop."

Name Taxiarchia Apanomeritaki
Age -
Country Greece
Profession Pensioner


"I had never followed a similar program and I am really grateful to EDEM for proposing that I take part in this workshop. From my experience in Italy, I really enjoyed the part when all partners were divided into groups, as well as the “introduction” into the sense of mindfulness.


The whole project was a great experience that I will surely use in order to meliorate my contact with technology. It is good to know that organizations like TYNET50+ and its partners try to introduce older women in society on equal terms."


Name Eirini Apanomeritaki
Age  -
Country Greece
Profession Architect


"After the meeting of TYNET50+ in Athens, the workshop in Italy was my second chance to participate in such discussions. I really enjoyed the lectures as well as the part of the group work and discussions.


As a result of the arguments that were presented during the workshop I would also consider a presentation about new tools and training methods for the trainers to be helpful."