Name Karin Braune
Age  69
Country Germany
Profession Economist


"First of all, from my point of view I´m really glad to have participated in such an important project like TYNET 50+.


At the University 'Otto von Guericke' Magdeburg I learned in a seminar together with students of new media education for some years and I worked in different new media projects. For me there are similarities to the project TYNET 50+. Both, the seminar and the project, are focused on fruitful collaboration between students and seniors.


Against this background, participating in the workshop in Bastad, Sweden was very interesting and I was able to share my experiences with the TYNET project, as well as back at home sharing this new experience with my online group at the university.
I´m very interested and motivated about working together on this ICT topic in the future."


Name Julia Huke
Age  25
Country Germany
Profession PR at GAM Leipzig

"Participating in the project was a very valuable experience for me. I was surprised by the Digital Divide not only between young and old people, but also between the different countries. Personally, I think it’s important to close this gap in our European community to grow closer and stronger. Projects like TYNET are a great way to establish international learning networks and knowledge bases by bringing people together and discovering new ways of communicating.  I met a lot of interesting people and learned about their social and cultural background."

Name Michaela Job
Age  30
Country Germany
Profession Student

"I study social work in an elderly society. I am very interested in projects which work with different age classes. The TYNET 50+ is a great example of how it can work to connect generations. It was a great experience and I got some ideas for potential new projects for our university. To meet people from foreign countries and exchange views was really great."

Name Ina Draijer
Age  23
Country Germany
Profession Student

"By visiting the workshop, I learned about other similar projects, which in turn helped me to improve my own. It was interesting to hear different tips and recommendations to encourage women 50+ to use technology. The intercultural exchange with older women taught me new things as well, for example the heavy use of technology for women 50+ in the Baltic countries."

Name Elisabeth Napiontek
Age  26
Country Germany
Profession Student

"I study social work in an elderly society - that´s why I’m interested in the project TYNET 50+. It was a great experience and very interesting to meet other partners and listen to how they work and implement the project in their countries."