Name Madli Krispin
Age  65
Country Estonia
Profession Office manager

"The first meeting showed us very clearly the diversity of conditions of partner countries. There are countries where the middle class can follow the development of IT and buy newer and newer equipment, and at the same time there are lot of people who have no access to computers. How will we manage these states my Estonia? When most of services are only accessible on the internet? Women 50+ have to train their skills in IT not only for communication with their children abroad but in order for them not to fall away from the active life of society. Young people abroad need a lot of parental support because they have little time for their activities, and parents can help them by giving quick additional information about the country’s culture and traditions. IT is developing very quickly. Newer and newer generations of IT equipment will come to the market and our knowledge should to grow at the same speed. The training “Mentor/Mentee from hell” showed us what is important to know about Young/50+ women  co-learning: needs, possibilities, motivation, attitudes, customs etc. The meeting was interesting and gave a lot of good practical knowledge and examples to follow. Thanks a lot!"

Name Eha Antonina Pajumets
Age  67
Country Estonia
Profession Electricity engineer, member of the NGO board


"I am happy to have participated in the wonderful meeting of TYNET50 in Athens. We have had projects for unemployed people in Estonia and we met the same problems: their local language knowledge is bad, they don’t know IT, and they have low social status. Our experience is the same as was discussed in my work group: those people need face to face mentoring with training tools, mentoring in groups, and learning by mentoring from distance which Skype offers today. The mentor should be competent to empower and to build up a strong personal relationship with the mentee.




This was my first time in Athens, at the source of European culture. I liked Athens, the diamond of the Mediterranean, and the historical architecture and people. They were warm and friendly. Thank you for your hospitality!"


Name Astrid Hindriks
Age  63
Country Estonia
Profession Teacher and manager of NGO


"Meeting in Athens was absolutely positive. I met W50+ from other countries which have the same problems as we have with immigrant women: low self-confidence and education rate, lack of local language knowledge and ICT knowledge. To overcome their barriers, those women need motivation, the attraction of interest, and knowledge of communication by IT. There is a need for face to face mentoring with training tools and a mentoring program for a group of women. Training in communication skills in IT is very important.


I was able to exercise my English through listening to other’s speeches and expressing my own opinions. Now I have a much stronger motivation to learn English, and I will train my ICT skills using the experience of others heard in the meeting time. Athens was wonderful with its old history, architecture and museums. Thank you very much!"


Name Tiiu Jõgi
Age  79
Country Estonia
Profession Teacher of maths in Tallin Technical University

"I enjoyed a lot of the presentations and of meeting other learners from so many countries. I followed with big interest the theme about elder people use computer for communication in social life.  I noticed Skype using being very popular and helpful for parents to keep contacts with their very much travelling and moved younger generation. It gives them feeling of safety and knowledge that they are connected to the family, they are important. I was proud to tell how my living region’s people in Tallinn Kadriorg have established a local society which use for communication, for dissemination every kind of local information. Today we know each other better and we take care of our local region safety. It made us know people before we didn’t know and I feel well and safe in my living place now. I was fond of very old Bologna full of deep history. It was amazing to walk along the streets of the oldest University in Europe, the centre of education and science. Thank you very much!"

Name Anne Aas
Age  56
Country Estonia
Profession Manager in a company


"The meeting in Bastad was for me the first one in such a project. In our workgroup we had different interests that motivated us, and the needs were very different according to countries, social groups etc. I recognized that most learn IT for personal interest and for fun. A second group learn for personal relationships and others for professional demands.  So there are many different needs. Inspiration and motivation to learn are the key factors and the learning process itself can be a good challenge if you find motivation, an encouraging teacher and access to computer.




My English was poor to express myself but I listened and it helped my English learning too. I could understand many words and thoughts with a little help in translation. I will now exercise English much more to understand better. Bastad was a surprise to me –  a small and beautiful town at the seaside.  It was a very nice place to stay. The hostel was very cosy and I liked the landscape. I am very thankful to Anne-Mari and Viivi who asked me to participate in TYNET50+.




I have seen others women’s attitudes to ICT skills and I don’t get scared so much. I will make it clear what I need to know and I will train and exercise a lot."